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What are your products made of?

Our butterflies and insects are expertly preserved and mounted in cedar-framed double-sided glass so the entire creature may be viewed and admired. We use only "A" quality butterflies and bugs. As with any of nature's products, no two specimens will be identical.

What do you mean by "A" quality?

In the entomological collector's world, insects and butterflies are graded on a lettering-system. A1 quality, meaning near perfect condition, generally demand huge sums and are sought after by serious collectors. "A" quality means there are some slight imperfections, often not seen by the naked eye. Many companies use inferior quality butterflies and insects to keep prices down. For instance, from other dealers, you may find a tarantula's body has shriveled up after a year because it was not preserved properly, or butterflies with disintegrating bodies or torn wings. Our products have been preserved by expert craftspeople, so you won't find these problems and they can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Are your butterflies and insects farm-raised?

Our butterflies and insects are farm or ranch raised, for the most part. During our butterfly excursion into the Amazon in 2007, we learned a lot more about the butterfly and insect supply chain. We visited butterfly and insect farms and ranches but also witnessed some being caught in the wild by indigenous people to be sold. However, we feel comfortable with this because it gives these extremely impoverished people a way to feed their families without being forced to destroy the rainforest to do so (please see our conservation page).

How long do your frames last?

As with any piece of art, due care is recommended. If the items are kept away from direct sunlight or extreme heat and humidity, they should remain beautiful for many, many years.

Are your specimens identified in any way?

Each of our insects and single item butterfly specimens are labeled with their common names and Latin names on the back of the frame.

How long have you been in business?

We have been wholesaling and retailing various products since 2005 and have been growing and evolving continuously without losing that personal touch.

What are your shipping methods?

Currently, we are offering free shipping to our retail customers. We use FedEx ground, UPS or USPS, at our discretion. Your order is shipped out the same day we receive it or the next business day. If you require special shipping, such as overnight, we will be happy to accommodate you.
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