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Being fed up with working for large corporations over the years, we decided to strike out on our own. Our love of exotic travel, adventure and the outdoors led to many trips abroad. Our friends and relatives back home seemed to love the unique gifts we brought back for them, and we sure had a lot of fun shopping for them. All of this, combined with our ambitions, turned into a growing and prospering business of importing butterflies and insects. Traveling the world to find unique and high-quality products for our customers is what we enjoy doing. Because it is important to us to be proud of our products, we form direct relationships with the manufacturers so they understand our commitment to quality. We try to maintain a low overhead to enable us to offer the best prices by doing such things as re-using our packaging materials (good for the environment, of course, too!). We also wholesale to smaller, select stores, boutiques and gift shops and make it a point not to sell to more than one retailer per shopping “area“ or small town.
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