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We sell top-quality, framed butterflies and framed insects. We strive to bring you the best product quality while keeping the prices of our butterfly frames and insect frames low. All of our frames are made of cedar and have glass on both sides for optimal viewing of the entire creature making them especially wonderful as educational gifts and unique home decor. Our mounted butterflies and insects are from exotic areas around the world where some of the most beautiful and diverse species are found. We are constantly looking for more varieties from all over the globe because we love to share the beauty and appreciation of nature’s gifts with you. Our biggest seller, the Blue Morpho butterfly (Blue butterfly) is just one of many varieties.  We also wholesale butterfly frames and wholesale insect frames – gift stores and interior decorators/designers love our products. Insect art and insect décor looks great on the walls of a studious looking study or fun kid’s room. Butterfly décor and insect gifts are truly unique conversation pieces (check out our monster beetles!). We use only real butterflies and real insects. All of our specimens are legally collected under the most stringent government regulations, after their short life span has ended. The tremendous amount of paperwork and licenses required to legally collect, export and then import these specimens into the U.S., assures that none are endangered species. Contact World Bugs today for our unique framed butterflies, butterfly displays and mounted insects.

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